Our Story

For over 40 years Ridge Furniture has been creating quality upholstered furniture in Melbourne for the Australian wholesale furniture market. We design and sell through major Australian retailers and others as well as creating custom furniture for hotels, and serviced apartment chains. We also work with interior designers to create custom pieces for up-scale projects.
We are a family-owned business and we pride ourselves on the quality of our products, the quality of our service, and the quality of our relationships with our staff and our customers. We have tried importing ready-made furniture and we know there is too much variation in quality for it to work, so we build every piece right here at our factory in Campbellfield.
Our customers benefit from our dedicated and expert research & development team, as well as our local production staff who ensure that every piece of furniture that leaves our factory not only looks great, but is well-constructed from quality materials. If something isn’t right (whether it’s a spring, a piece of foam, or fabric), we don’t just use it anyway – we put it aside and choose another piece.


From discussion to prototype to finished order our process is transparent and thorough.

  • We meet with you or discuss your needs over the telephone.
  • Our R&D team create a prototype from your specifications.
  • Once you are satisfied with the prototype we put it into production ensuring that every piece of is of the same high quality and careful construction.
  • Your order is completed within 3 weeks and delivery is arranged.


We care about this planet of ours – and we only have one chance to preserve and protect it. That’s why all our timber and other materials are sourced from sustainable forests and processed in certified manufacturing plants.
All of our own offcuts are recycled into other useful items (such as doonas and the like) so there is almost zero waste.


Our in-house R&D team can create just about any piece of furniture you can draw or imagine. Show them a picture, or provide a description and you’ll be astounded by the speed with which they assemble a prototype that looks and feels just like the one you imagined.
We’ve created stunning furniture from photos, sketches, copied heirlooms, and descriptions.


Have you ever sat down on a chair that looked fantastic … and found yourself standing up again within a few minutes because you were so uncomfortable? – We have, and we don’t like it at all!
Our research and development team have years of experience and they understand the proportions and padding that go into a comfortable design. So your furniture not only looks great, it is comfortable too.
We will suggest the most suitable density and quality padding, and help you choose what you need for comfort as well as elegance and durability.