We are here to create furniture for you. That means that we work with you to turn your ideas into a physical piece of furniture that matches them.
Because we make our furniture on-site and have an extensive network of delivery and repair partners throughout Australia we can ensure that your order is shipped in a timely fashion, and (if necessary) can be repaired quickly and professionally.
Unlike overseas manufacturers, we don’t have long lead times and most orders are delivered within 3 weeks.


A lot of material goes into upholstered furniture and the end-product is only as good as the individual components you choose. We have carefully selected high quality components for every step of our manufacture and we assemble them with care so that your furniture complies with Ridge’s strict quality standards.
All our materials carry the highest level of certification for their responsible manufacture and processing.

Timber: All our timber and wood products come from certified sustainable forests and reliable manufacturers. You can rest assured that you will not be damaging the planet or endangering species.
Foam, Feather-fill, & Ecofil Fibre: Our foam, feather-fill and Ecofil fibre comes from reputable Australian suppliers like Dunlop and Starwell Victoria with appropriate certifications and consistent quality. That’s why we offer guarantees on the durability of our furniture.
Webbing: Webbing supports the foam and makes your chairs more comfortable. We use high quality webbing and ensure that your sofas don’t sag by weaving it densely under the seat.
Springs: The highest quality chairs and sofas use springs to support the seats. Our springs are carefully chosen for durability and longevity so you can expect years of comfort and support.
Fabric: We work with most of the fabric wholesalers such as Warwick Fabrics, Profile Fabrics, and Zapel to source the fabric you want. If you wish to supply us with a particular fabric we can also use that.


We’ve already talked about the quality of our carefully-chosen materials. Now, we’d like to tell you a little about the workmanship that goes into assembling those materials and creating your furniture because it doesn’t matter how good your materials are, if you don’t do a great job putting them together.
We don’t skimp on our materials. Whether you choose springs or webbing to support your base, we space them carefully so that your furniture will last for years. Our cushions aren’t just stuffed with foam – they’re finished with Ecofil fibre for smooth edges and long-lasting comfort and stitched to make sure the fibre stays in place. All our sofa backs are channeled so the fibre does not sag or droop, but stays in place for years of comfort.
We choose our components carefully, test them to ensure their quality, and assemble them with care and attention to detail.